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The entire training syllabus on android is drafted by experts in the industry and follows the principle "Need of the Hour". Unlike many other Android Development Training Institutes, we do not follow a fixed and decade old syllabus. Our exclusive Android Programming Training syllabus includes skill that are expected from candidates by today's IT companies.
We have best classroom and lab facility to train the students.
We aim at providing necessary employment skills that empowers and enables a person to secure a position in the corporate environment. Thereby bridging the gap between college education and employment. "The only place where you get all Employability Skills as one Single Package” Our Softskill Training Includes,
  • Corporate Attitude
  • Aptitude Skills
  • Communication Improvement
  • Interview Approach & Grooming

    We provide unlimited placement support for students until they get a job. Our placement support Includes,
    • Placement Grooming
    • Resume Building
    • Mock Interviews

Core Java

Introduction to JAVA

Keywords & Data Types | Arrays

OOPS and its Implementation

Classes | Objects | Inheritance | Polymorphism Abstraction | Encapsulation

Exception Handling

Collection Framework

Collection | Map | Date & Calender | Enumerator | Iterator


Applet Basics | Event Handling in Applets | Displaying Image | Playing Audio | Applet Interactions | Sample Applets


Android - Mobile Application Development
Introduction to Android lWhat is Android? lSetting up development environment lDalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension lBasic Building blocks | Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers Content providers lUI Components | Views & notifications lComponents for communication | Intents & Intent Filters lAndroid API levels (versions & version names)

Android Application Structure

lAndroidManifest.xml lUses | permission & uses | sdk lActivity/services/receiver declarations lResources & R.java lAssets lValues | Strings.xml lLayouts & Drawable Resources lActivities and Activity lifecycle lFirst sample Application lDeploying sample application on a real device Emulator Android Virtual Device lLaunching emulator lEditing emulator settings lEmulator shortcuts lLogcat usage lIntroduction to DDMS lFile explorer

Basic UI design

lForm widgets lText Fields lLayouts lRelativeLayout | TableLayout | FrameLayout | LinearLayout lNested layout [dip,dp,sip,sp] versus px Preferences lSharedPreferences lPreferences from xml Menu lOption menu lContext menu lSub menu lMenu from xml lMenu via code Intents lExplicit Intents lImplicit intents lSwitching between activities for demonstrating communication between intents UI design lTime and Date lImages and media lComposite lAlert Dialog & Toast lPopup Tabs and Tab Activity lTab host lTab widget lTap Spec

Styles & Themes

lStyles.xml lColors.xml| declaring colors and drawables lDrawable resources for shapes, gradients(selectors) lShapes drawables lState drawables lTransition drawables l9 Patch drawables Style attribute in layout file Applying themes via code and manifest file


lWeb URLs,Email address,text,map address phone numbers lMatch filters & Transform filters


  • Array Adapters
  • Base Adapters
lListview and Lista Activity lCustom List view lGrid view using adapters lGallery using adapters


lBroadcast Receivers lServices and Notifications lToast lAlarms lDebugging android applications lIntent and intent filters lStatus bar,dialog notifications


lCustom Toast lCustom dialogs lCustom Tabs lCustom animated popup panels lOther components


lThreads runnung on UI thread(runOnUiThread) lWorker thread lHandlers & Runnable lAsyn Task


lSQlite programming lSQLite OpenHelper lSQLite Database lCursor

Content providers

Content providers lDefining and using content providers lSharing database among two difffernt applications using content providers lReading and updating contacts lReading bookmarks ANDROID DEBUG BRIDGE(adb)TOOL Multimedia in android lMultimedia supported audio formats lMedia playback lSupported video formats


lUsing the Media apis lUsing the camera lUsing the accelerometer and compass ANIMATIONS lProgramatically creating animations lIntroducing tweened animations


lDrawing graphics in android lDrawing with xml lCanvas dtrawing best practice


lOverview of networking lChecking the network status lCommunication with server socket lWorking with HTTP lWeb services


lHow sensors work lListening to sensor reading Best Practices for lPerformance


lMonitoring and managing internet conncectivity lManaging active connections lManaging Wi|Fi


lMaking Calls lMonitoring Data connectivity and Connectivity lAccessing Phone properties and status lControlling the phone


lTaking picturing Rendering preview


lControlling local blue tooth device lDiscovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices lManaging blue tooth connections lCommunicating with Bluetooth


lUpdate the Manifest File lSimplifying StatusActivity lUpdaterService lCreating the UpdaterService with Java Class lUpdate the Manifest File lAdd Menu Items lUpdate the Options Menu Handling lLooping in the Service lPulling Data from Twitter lTesting the Service


lSimulating your location within the emulator lUsing LocationManager and Location Provider lWorking with maps lConverting places and addresses with Geo coder


l Live Folders l Using sdcards|Reading and Writing l XML Parsing l JSON ParsingIncluding external libraries in our application l Maps via intent and MapActivity l Accessing Phones services (call,sms,mms) l Action bar tabs and custom views on Action bars l Introduction to fragments


l Deployement l Get Your Apps on Phone Get Connected with Android Market App Transfer Among Hands Sets

Training Highlights

  • IT Professional as Trainers
  • Hands on Trainnig
  • Affordable Course Fees
  • Aptitude Skills
  • Corporate Attitude
  • Placement Grooming
  • Soft Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Unlimited Placement Support
  • Real Time Internship
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SOFTLOGIC ACADEMY PRIVATE LIMITED (SLA) is Certified by Director General of Employment & Training (DGET), Govt. of India approved company providing necessary employment skills that empowers and enables a person to secure a steady position in the corporate environment since 2005.

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