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If you are looking for a stable career as a software developer, DOT NET Training from SLA Institute would be the finest choice. Being a Best DOT NET Training Institute in Chennai, SLA has wide knowledge and experience in enlightening the future of students with bright careers. We understand the expectations of the employer and avails exclusive DOT NET Classes on corporate approved syllabus.
We have best classroom and lab facility to train the students.
We aim at providing necessary employment skills that empowers and enables a person to secure a position in the corporate environment. Thereby bridging the gap between college education and employment. "The only place where you get all Employability Skills as one Single Package” Our Softskill Training Includes,
  • Corporate Attitude
  • Aptitude Skills
  • Communication Improvement
  • Interview Approach & Grooming

We provide unlimited placement support for students until they get a job. Our placement support Includes,
  • Placement Grooming
  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interviews

Microsoft DotNet Framework

Introduction to .Net Framework & OOPS concepts | Classes & objects | Constructors | Inheritance | and Polymorphism in C# | Method Overriding and Method Hiding | Arrays | Enumerations | Structs | Creating Window based application.

Visual C#.Net

Introduction to C# . NET | C# Predefined Types | Iteration Statements | Objects in C# | Constructors | Inheritance | Polymorphism | Arrays | Collections | Interfaces | Delegates and Events | Console Applications | Networking in C#


Introducing ASP .Net - ASP Vs ASP .Net - Client Server Communication - Three-tier Architecture - Controls - HTML Controls - Server Controls - Web Forms - Master Pages - Building Controls - Accessing data from a database using ASP .Net - State Management and Web Configuration - Template Controls - Authentication Methods - Authorization impersonation - XML Web Services in a C# Program - Web Application with Web Forms - Configuring ASP.NET Application settings - Application settings and Deployment.


Introduction to ADO .Net - Implementing ADO .Net - Components of ADO.Net Object Model - Connecting to Data Base Using Data Adapter - Accessing DataBase through Data Set - Data Binding Filtering and Sorting.


Extensible Markup Language - DTD to define XML Documents - XML Documents and validating them against a DTD - - XSL to transform XML Documents and Presenting the Data in a Web Browser - XML Document Object Model- Active Server Pages with XML - XML in SOAP.

Windows Presentation Foundation

OverView of WPF - Creating a Simple WPF Application - Handling Events Commands - Navigating between Pages - Customizing Appearance - Sharing Logical Resources in an Application - Creating Consistent User - Interface Using STYLES - Changing the appearance of Controls using Template - Using Triggers Animations - Data - Binding - Create Data Binding - Converting Data - Binding to collections of Objects - Using Collection Views - Create Master Detail User Interfaces - Using Data Templates - Creating New Controls - Overview of Control Authoring - Managing Documents - Working with Flow Documents - Graphics and Multimedia - Displaying 2D Graphics - Displaying Images - Displaying 3D Graphics - Going Further with 3D Graphics - Adding Multimedia Support Configure and Deploy WPF Application - Deployment Options - Deploying a Stand alone WPF Application Deploying an XBAP Application - Configuring Security settings.

Silver Light Frame Work

Introduction to Silver Light - The Silver Light Architecture Versions Silver Light Hosting - Supported Platforms - Browsers Future Platforms Silver Light Vs WPF Installing Silver Light - Silver Light Tools - Silver Light Languages - Windows Live Service - Implementation Silver Light - Silver Light Controls - User Interface - Custom Controls - User Controls - Expression Blend - Accessing HTML DOM from Silver Light - Accessing Silver Light from Java Script - Embedding Fonts - Going Full Screen - Designing User Interfaces - Creating a Silver Light Application with Animation - Accessing Data Using Silver Light - Networking in Silver Light

Windows Communication Foundation

Overview of WCF Architecture - Designing an Application to be part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Using a Language Level Interface as a Service Contract - Implementing a Simple WCF Service in Visual Studio 2008 - Configuring and Hosting WCF Services - Programmatically Configuring a Managed Application to Host a WCF Service - - Defining a Data Contract - Handling Errors - Relating .NET Exceptions to Service - Improving WCF Service Quality - Managing WCF Service Instance - Managing Concurrency issues - Improving WCF Service Performance - Implementing WCF Security Over view of Security in WCF - Applying Over all Security Requirements to a Binding - Specifying enquired Clients and Service credentials working with Security Information.

Windows Work Flow Foundation

Overview of Windows Work Flow Foundation - Creating State Machine Work Flows - Forward Chaining of Rules - Changing Rules at Run Time - Communicating with Work Flows - Consuming Services from a Work Flow - Publishing a Work Flow as a Service - Creating and Configuring Custom Activities - Creating Custom Composite Activities - Customizing Activity Serialization Defining Custom Activity Layout - Creating and Managing Run Time Services - Monitoring Work Flows - Tracking Work Flows - Managing Faults - Creating and Managing Transactions - Creating and Handling Compensations.

Ajax in .Net

Introduction to ASP.Net AJAX - The Script Manager Control - Update Panel Control & Update - Progress Control - Timer Controls - Dynamic Lay Out Property - Using AJAX in ASP.Net -Applications.


Introduction to MVC - MVC Architecture - Domain models and Repositories - Using Object and Collection Initializers - Entity Framework - Lambda Expressions - Working with Controllers - Introducing the Controller - Model Templates - Templated View Helpers - Model Validation -Explicitly Validating a Model - Displaying Validation Messages - Alternative Validation Techniques - Security and Authentication - Working with Views - Working with the ASPX engine - Working with the Razor Engine

Training Highlights

  • IT Professional as Trainers
  • Hands on Trainnig
  • Affordable Course Fees
  • Aptitude Skills
  • Corporate Attitude
  • Placement Grooming
  • Soft Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Unlimited Placement Support
  • Real Time Internship
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SOFTLOGIC ACADEMY PRIVATE LIMITED (SLA) is Certified by Director General of Employment & Training (DGET), Govt. of India approved company providing necessary employment skills that empowers and enables a person to secure a steady position in the corporate environment since 2005.

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